Please use the Request Form to submit any new issues. Your requests will be worked on according to the priority and order received.

Priority should be set as High for issues that directly affect operations, Medium for issues that affect one user and are not critical, and Low for all other issues.  

If you have questions regarding a specific issue already submitted, please refer to the Short Descrtiption you submitted and email us at:

If you are submitting a new user request please include the following information in the Detailed Description of Issue area of the form:

  1. Users First and Last Name:

  2. Type of License (Premium or Essentials):*Note Essentials does not include Office 2013 software

  3. How will user access email (Phone, webmail, Shared Computer, Work Computer):

  4. Users Phone Number:

  5. Users Alternate Email Address if available:

  6. Users Office Location:


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