RESULT:  Superior Business Performance and Superior People Engagement

RoadMap to Manufacturing Excellence SM

The RoadMap - What is it? 

A straightforward 3-step approach to Manufacturing Excellence using proven Principles and Tools.

The RoadMap is Unique

  • It is described by many users as ‘Manufacturing Management 101’.

  • The implementation Manual includes 100+ manufacturing Tools and Techniques.
  • It includes a Benchmarking Guide to assess your Alignment, Operations, Maintenance, Engineering and Organizational Excellence practices vs. leading practices.
  • Capacity Utilization is featured and includes measures for Plant Reliability (PR) and Cost of Unreliability. Expect to reduce operating costs by 5 to 15% from a PR increase alone!






The RoadMap, Benchmarking Guide and ToolKit help ALL Organizational Levels

  • Company Owners, Manufacturing Vice Presidents and Plant Managers to establish a more organized, integrated and disciplined work culture.

  • Department Managers to improve key areas such as Capacity Utilization, Quality and Safety.

  • Supervisors to target specific practices of Maintenance Planning, Operator Basic Care of Equipment,

  • Precision Maintenance and Qualitative Risk Assessment - among many others.

A very Inexpensive Path to Entry

  • The Manual can be purchased for $150 - a low cost way to explore the RoadMap.

  • The Benchmarking Guide for $350 provides a huge boost to assessing site capability.

  • PTR will deliver a complete RoadMap Introduction at your site for $995.

    • Introduce the RoadMap as a means to improve Plant Reliability.

    • Demonstrate Logic Tree Analysis for Work Plan development or Root Cause Analysis.

    • Apply the Benchmarking Guide to assess a site practice of your choice.

    • Review the varied ways to apply the RoadMap and its supporting ToolKit.

  • PTR can support your specific needs with experienced practitioners.

    • Assist with building a Business Case for implementation.

    • Periodic site visits to assess RoadMap application progress and provide feedback.

    • Full or Part Time on-site support by subject matter experts for all RoadMap Tools.

  • Full editing capability of the Benchmarking Guide – allowing unlimited customization.

What are the Next Steps?

  • Examine the RoadMap Manual Table of Contents and contact us for more information.

  • Order the Manual and/or the Benchmarking Guide for a closer look.

  • Proceed on your own – OR – set up the one day introduction.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your RoadMap application possibilities.