Reliability-Optima is a proponent of RAM (Reliability-Availability-Maintainability) Modeling as an empirical tool that assists managers in taking necessary actions to improve equipment performance.

What is RAM Modeling?

Ram Modeling is a computer simulation exercise to test the reliability/availability of a system under design or in operation. It evaluates the relationships between all of the system's process equipment, makes Maintainability predictions and test design's effects on:

  • On-Stream Time – Maximum & Partial

  • Operational Factors such as:

    • Quality

    • Production Throughput

    • Scheduled Maintenance and Maintenance Practices

    • Transitions

    • Operational Logistics

  • Life Cycle Costs

Ram Modeling identifies critical components / failure modes and provides decision-making information that enables managers to take necessary actions to improve system performance.

When and Why does R-O Perform RAM Modeling?

  • When:

    • Initial Scoping

    • Basic Design

    • Detailed Design

    • Construction and Installation

    • Start-up and Operation

  • Why:

    • Optimize capital investment for the initial construction

    • Assist with O&M Budget projections

    • Determine Spare Parts requirements

    • Optimize Capital Improvements for existing systems

    • Reduce maintenance spend

    • Reduce LPO (lost profit opportunity) by decreasing the frequency and duration of unplanned outages

    • Reduce the frequency and duration of planned outages

RAM (Reliability-Availability-Maintainability) Modeling Services