Equipment Reliability Excellence (ERE)

Reliability-Optima has developed a six to eight week structured, kaizen based, ERE approach to analyze “worst actor” equipment in order to determine and correct root cause conditions that degrade availability (A), performance (P), and quality (Q). AxPxQ=OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) which is a fundamental measure of Reliability (See note below for the R-O philosophy on OEE).

Reliability curves are developed based on a standard

reliability formula ( Rt=e^-t/MTBF ) heavily reliant on

mean time between failures (MTBF) to depict beginning

state of equipment reliability. These curves are a

baseline for measurement of improvement generated

by the ERE exercises and follow-on projects. In summary,

we drive specific improvements through a focused

Lean / Kaizen approach.

Regarding OEE we believe in:

1) developing achievable and realistic stretch targets

     that are set as a team;

2) leaving nothing out, i.e. do not try to make the results

     look good by leaving things out of the formulas and;

3) using it as a tool to unite the objectives and actions

     of operations, maintenance, engineering, quality,

     etc. and not as a tool to place blame. For example,

     regarding availability, do not separate accountability for maintenance availability vs. operations availability. Regarding performance, do    

     not separate accountability for speed deviations from operator settings/performance vs. limping due to maintenance issues.

     Regarding quality, do not separate accountability for yield vs. off spec quality.