Reliability-Optima’s SAP Support group is staffed by a large and knowledgeable group of individuals which have experience in numerous industries.  Our group of SAP Basis Admins can help implement, update, maintain and also repair already standing SAP systems on a variety of databases and operating systems.  Through their years of technical knowledge and expertise, we can provide you with “24/7” support.  Our admins will also assist in planning and correctly implementing any future SAP enhancements to ensure that your business continues to stay ahead of the always changing technologies and standards.

The benefits of these services allow all companies that wish to implement SAP or need improvements to their current SAP environment the opportunity to succeed.

The SAP Support group will help accurately plan and implement a new installation of SAP or assist in a migration from a legacy system to an SAP environment.  In this scenario our Basis Admins will begin discussions with you to determine the size and scope of your new landscape to maximize system and user performance. Through this process Reliability-Optima can also determine the time required for your project and will identify the risks and the different solutions to ensure all milestones/requirements are met.  Throughout this process our Basis Admins will build documentation to be delivered as part of our knowledge transfer to you.

The SAP Support group can also provide you with US-based 24/7 availability.  As part of the service, our SAP Support group is available for contact by several technologies.  Our professional and friendly staff can assist you in all SAP Support questions that you may have at any hour of the day, providing you with fast and direct solutions to any issues you experience in your SAP landscape.

Reliability-Optima offers an AMES services that covers SAP in several areas including:

  • Netweaver and Basis for SAP applications

  • Enterprise Portals

  • Customer Relationship Management

R-O's AMES services provide management of a ticketing system that will administer and route tickets to our team of SAP experts. Customer service is monitored by R-O Management and monthly reports are generated to show progress, covering such items as volume of work, priority of tickets, days to completion, etc.

SAP Support: Basis Outsourcing and Application Maintenance and Enhancement Services (AMES)