Reliability-Optima is comprised of approximately 600 networked and highly experienced consulting practitioners with expertise in executive leadership, site management, operations, maintenance, reliability engineering, supply chain, procurement, warehousing, information technology, and change / transformation management. The typical experience level is in excess of 25 years, with some individuals having 30-40 years.

Our consultants provide fact based, data driven services, helping clients with information insights, and most importantly, implementing timely actions and structural changes that deliver significant, sustainable benefit. Whether we’re delivering a project or augmenting our customers’ staff, our belief is that we earn the right to work by adding significant value each day.

R-O consultants have significant expertise in leveraging technology to deliver business value by implementing, enhancing, and optimizing major ERP, CMMS/EAM, and other technology platform offerings. The graphic found below covers the philosophy which governs R-O’s approach to continuous improvement.

About Us